Hi, I’m Stefan.

I started my software carreer early on as a kid programming and selling windows applications for Dial-Up modem monitoring. Working as an web-programmer and administrator and later building up the Facebook alternative StudiVZ I had the urge to learn more. I studied IT-Systems-Engineering at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Postdam, Germany. This let me to Smalltalk-lang which is one of the first OO- and most beautiful and easy to learn programming languages…(I miss that sometimes). After designing Cloud Architectures, defining and establishing processes including a lot of automation (yeeah GitOps!) at COLLENDA GmbH I’m now really happy to be part of the International IT of ALDI South ensuring your shopping experience is always smooth around the globe.

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In my whole life there was and is a lot of learning involved, which let me to establish something to handle all the knowledge which accumulated over the years.

Exactly this is this site about. Sharing all of this.

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