Recently I came across some thoughts about my self-hosting stuff, like nextcloud (cloud storage), vaultwarden (password manager) and different others things.

I always advocated self-hosting instead of using a hosted service from some company I (we, my family) needs to trust. Sure, self-hosting means having to take care a lot of

  • security
  • updates
  • backups
  • access control
  • monitoring

I think I’m pretty good at it and never had a real problem.

But thats also the problem, the “I”. Not my wife, not my son or anybody else in my near family can maintain that stuff I built. In case of my absence due to illness, death or whatnot some point in time something will fail and access or data will possibly be lost.

Can I create some documentation how to restore or maintain the things? Sure, but where should I start, I could write a book, or many books, on all the related topics and problems which can occur. Thats nothing I want my family to have to deal with.

I think I come to the conclusion that a mix is the best. Let the really important stuff, which needs to be working in my absence, be managed by somebody else. There are trustworthy companies in the world.

The other not so important stuff can be self-hosted and managed by me, because yeah I like playing around with technology and have some fun in the lab 🧪. But let the users aka “stakeholders” know what can happen.