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Hi, I’m Stefan. On this site I will share notes and thoughts about a lot of things. This may help others and also my future self.

The knowledge graph will evolve over time. So let’s get started 🚀

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  • How to fix Siri Remote volume control

    Recently the Siri Remote got an over the air update from Apple TV 4K. The version is indicated on Apple TV > Settings > Remote > .. Version 0x0070.

  • Self-Hosted vs. Hosted

    Recently I came across some thoughts about my self-hosting stuff, like nextcloud (cloud storage), vaultwarden (password manager) and different others things.

  • Links to interesting articles

    This is a collection of links to really interesting articles about different technical topics.

  • Useful Linux Commands

    In the following table you see a collection of commands which can come handy. For some you need installed tools like jq, grep, aws or something. Should work in bash on Ubuntu or equivalent.

  • Useful Linux Scripts

    This is a collection of references to shell scripts for many different kind of purposes.

  • RSS Feeds of Discourse Instances

    To get the latest posts of an Discourse instance via RSS, just add latest.rss to the Discourse-URL.

  • Rheinische Post ePaper PDF Download

    Pasted image 20211214195049.png

  • rsync with root on remote-machine

    In case you want to backup a remote machine, which runs Ubuntu, and you do not want to grant root access to this machine you can tell rsync to run on the source (remote) machine as root.

  • Favourite Apps

    I always find it interessing to see which apps others are using. See Others Favourites Apps

  • Others Favourites Apps

    I always find it interesting to see which apps others are using. So here we go:

  • Virtualization on Apple Silicon M1

    Pasted image 20210918211807.png

  • iPhone FAQs

    Why does the ringtone gets quieter when someone calls?

    Because you look at your phone! Seriously, recent iPhones come with FaceID and can recognize you. When the phone recognizes your attention there is no need anymore for loud sounds, so it can reduce the volume. Same goes for alarms and timers.

  • Detecting Mouse Stutter

    I recently bought a Logitech MX Master 3 mouse, which is bluetooth connected and should be one of the best… ofcourse. The idea was to make it more comfortable moving from home-office to office.

  • Check Battery on Keychron K2


  • SSH with MFA

    Connecting to machines these days via SSH is still a thing. To make this more secure, please use at least pubkey authentication and disable password login.

  • Linux Startup Script

    Sometimes you need a script to run when your favorite linux distro starts.

  • Cloud Free Tier

    Nowadays there a plenty of cloud-providers out there offering a bunch of services. If you want to try these or even use them regulary for free, I have something for you.

  • Changing Ubuntu Firewall Rules

    Grant Access to Port 80

    $ sudo iptables -I INPUT 6 -i ens3 -p tcp --dport 80 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT
  • Time is the ultimate currency

    There are so many currencies in the world, with the introduction of crypto-currencies even thousands more than some years ago.

  • WeeChat


  • IRC Commands

    using WeeChat for example.

  • Starting something new

    Since over a year I’m highly into note-taking and creating a personal knowledge graph which can help me retrieve information and let the creativity flow. This includes all kind of stuff e.g. relationships, technical things, processes etc.

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