Stefan Berger

What is our PV setup? ☀️

Last updated on June 21st, 2024



Inverter and battery are installed in the basement. Panels are also installed since June.
So far the system works great and I'm glad we have the 10 kWh battery because we are also cooking in the evening when solar power is quiet low.

The electricity meter for the heat-pump was removed to avoid monthly fees.
The main house electricity meter was replaced with an intelligent meter (iMSys). I'm still waiting for Westnetz to let me register it and see some numbers in their portal.


Currently the Home Manager is collecting data and sending it to the Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS.

I already setup Home Assistent to collect some data. Will post some numbers next month.

For iOS and macOS and SMA systems I highly recommend Energy Meter. Such a great app, with so many detailed information. It even found all the devices itself because of modbus.